The following are some of the projects that I have been developing recently. Besides from a description for each one of them I have included some external links.

Dealer 4.0incadea_logo

Description: Dealer 4.0 is a project by incadea implementing a futuristic car showroom empowered by Microsoft Azure and Windows 10, that aims to revolutionize the way cars are being sold. I was part of a small group of developers that worked on designing and building Windows applications for Dealer 4.0. The whole project is being presented to large Automotive shows (Automechanika Frankfurt 2016, BMW IT Fair 2016 etc.).

Features: Microsoft Azure, Universal Windows Platform, Microsoft Cognitive Services

Links: incadea | Youtube


Description: Prognosis is an ICT-based approach to fight Parkinson’s Disease. It focuses on unobtrusive data collection to achieve early detection and offers technology based interventions to solve patients’ every day problems. It was designed and developed by our team in the SPBTU Laboratory.

Features: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Band, Universal Windows App, Unobtrusive Data Collection, Sleep Quality, Gait Cueing, Voice Analysis

* 1st Place in Ability Award category in Microsoft ImagineCup World Finals -link-
* 3rd Place in World Citizenship category in Microsoft ImagineCup World Finals -link-
* 1st Place in Microsoft ImagineCup Greek Finals -link-
* 4th Place in National Bank of Greece (NBG) Seeds Competition -link-

Links: Website | Windows Store


Description: Bloodify is an attempt to gamify the experience of Blood donating. It keeps track of your blood donations and presents the most active donors of the community, encouraging you to become one of them.

Features: Microsoft Azure, Universal Windows Platform

Links: Github | Windows Store

Speed Cube TimerApplicationIcon

Description: Speed Cube Timer is a multi-platform mobile application that will help you learn how to solve the Rubik’s Cube and keep track of your solves. It is created with both the amateur and the advanced solver in mind.

Features: Hybrid (Html5 – Native) Application, Timer

* Best App of Imagine Camp Training Workshop by Microsoft Hellas in ECESCON 7 -link-
* Featured on the official Mozilla Hacks Blog -link-
* Received the Built for BlackBerry 10 badge -link-

Links: Windows Store | BlackBerry World | Firefox Marketplace | Blog Post

Speedy MathsSquare150x150Logo.scale-100

Description: Speedy Maths is a multiplayer Maths Quiz. It focuses on speed and accuracy. Two players play at the same time over the screen of a single Windows tablet, which is divided in two. The fastest one wins!

Features: Windows App, Game, Maths Quiz, Two Players

Links: Github | Windows Store

Greek Radioplay

Description: Greek Radio is an Internet Radio application created for the BlackBerry 10 OS. It provides more than 170 Greek Radio Stations organized in 10 categories. 

Features: Internet Radio App, 170+ Greek Radio Stations

Links: BlackBerry World | Blog Post